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SBM BUSINESS SCHOOL offers you an unparalleled choice of programs. From modular and monthly learning experiences to short programs and custom-designed solutions for Large, Medium and small scale businesses, entrepreneurs and companies.

Our programs have a common aim:

To optimize your knowledge, your integrative thinking, and your global mindset. They are unparalleled choice of programs that will empower you to do better business and deliver positive, immediate and lasting impact, wherever you are in your business, wherever you are in the world

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To terminate your connection with want and lack as a business owner, entrepreneur and potential entrepreneur, you should have the best start possible. SBM BUSINESS SCHOOL is one of Nigeria’s most prestigious Business programs. We exist to educate, enlighten, inspire, and empower business owners, managers, entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs from all industries to build a profitable business, close sales, generate unbelievable revenue, acquire new customers, help entrepreneurs and managers to fuels the growth of their business.

As the authorized training affiliate for a multi-national company, we draw from years of providing value adding knowledge and hands on experience to thousands of business owners and would-be entrepreneur in the field of business.  With over 10 years of sharing and learning, we understand how business elements work together from the beginning, putting together ideas that help to improve entrepreneurs’ likelihood of success.

Thus, In SBM BUSINESS SCHOOL we put together well thought out comprehensive business programs which help to drive profitability, business expansion and sales. Thus helping our clients to focus on every detail—general Management, operations and technical management; funding and business financing; customer service and human resource management; innovation and corporate leadership, and many more as it applies to potential customers and clients.  For all levels of entrepreneurs and management hierarchy we have packaged solution to meet every need. During your period of learning, you will attain a deep understanding of business success strategies and concepts, including innovations that can deliver results to any person, at any time, in any place, with any product. We will foster your unique capacity for Accessing Funds, Business Planning and Modeling, Developing Leadership Competencies, High Performance Negotiation, Building High Performance Teams, Mastering Rejection or Objection and Personal presentation. SBM BUSINESS SCHOOL will challenge, engage and prepare you for the results you desire in business.

How we Do it

Regardless of the industry, product, business size or scope, business is all about people. Everyone is a customer! That’s why our specialized approach involves diving deeper; thinking smarter; truly understanding your business and your customer; your challenges and goals; clearly defining your objectives; setting measurable outcomes; and developing targeted solutions designed to drive action and leave lasting impressions.

We provide trainings and programmes ranging from starting and running a business, what it takes to overcome every obstacle and how to help everyone achieve their entrepreneurial dreams

Our Vision

“To be a dynamic and innovative centre of business learning that builds the expertise and competencies of our clientele, delivering outstanding organizational excellence and exceptional results to all stakeholders

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform our clients from the lowest rank of their industry to the peak by closing the education gap needed to attain desired and sustainable results through a broad portfolio of top-ranked and change-oriented learning experiences.

Our Values Are R.E.A.L

When you step into our training room we support you to leave the room as a R.E.A.L Professional!


SBM Business School Training has access to a faculty of about 50 highly qualified consultants to deliver the training courses.


Our Business School connects with entrepreneurs and trainees, potential and existing business minds on a different level. We create engaging experiences that resonate personally.

Action: Inspire Positive Action

Our courses and trainings are designed to inspire positive actions geared towards profitability, growth, quality, and exceeding customer expectations


We develop skills that aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners and managers require to unlock financial bliss;

A Day In The Life

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