Florence Nwachukwu

Miss. Flora’s journey, which stemmed from a foundation in Chemical Engineering, took an unexpected yet enriching turn into administration as an Executive Assistant at SBM BUSINESS SCHOOL. This pivotal move facilitated a seamless transition and provided an opportunity to refine her skills, capping with certifications in Human Resources and Business Administration.

Beyond the conventional administrative role, her technical acumen shines through. She is proficient in web development, graphic design, and programming, and possesses hands-on experience in data analytics, infusing a dynamic edge into her responsibilities.

Her professional canvas paints a diverse picture, with teaching engagements and roles spanning different sectors. From the nuanced world of pharmaceuticals as a chemical lab analyst to steering operations and administration for brewery merchant

A significant chapter in her experience unfolded in the oil servicing sector, where she contributed to asset and maintenance, negotiation and logistics, quality assurance, and quality control. Beyond this, she assumed leadership roles in various groups like Society of Petroleum Engineer and serve as a head of department in a media team off office designation, showcasing her capacity for effective team management.

Adding a visual dimension to her skill-set, she is also adept behind the camera. As she brings this wealth of experience to SBM BUSINESS SCHOOL, her commitment to professionalism is underscored by the diverse roles she has embraced. Each facet of her journey contributes uniquely to the institution’s growth and ethos, making her a valuable asset in fostering a dynamic and thriving learning centre.