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You, Your Competitor

It is up to you to be on top of your game at all times – be it business, education, politics, spiritual matters and in your family. You determine your own success or failure! Put it to yourself that you are your own competitor. No rivals anywhere if you are searching for except people owing it to themselves to be exceptional in what they do at every point in time.

In an exam, you are being tested for retention (your ability to remember and reproduce) based on lessons or trainings you underwent. There, you compete with yourself to know if you are well able to pass. It is only you and no one else. You are your rival in the outcome of the exam. So it is, in every area of life.

Take chances because you are your competitor, leverage every opportunity to be the best – for growth and development. You cannot remain in the analogue when the whole world has digital. Enhance your tools, staff or acumen to compete with your previous best results.

If your business needs rebranding, go for it. You train per season per time to grow when applied. If you don’t train to match up with the present, you become obsolete. In such an instance, will you blame anyone? No! – You, your competitor!

A competitor is a contender, be that contender.  Searching for competitor(s), may become a limitation for you or make you lose focus. Be yourself, not others! A competitor is a go-getter, look beyond rivals. You are different, be you, your original competitor.

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