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Value Before Money

Value attracts money. Get what you require to acquire what you desire.

It is an error to waste money on a valueless commodity or paying for what has no impact. But you can pay to improve on what you believe would be of value when worked on properly. This value comes with applied knowledge (i.e. wisdom. Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do! And whatever else you do, develop good judgment)

When something or someone loses its value, it would be trampled upon and cannot be used for any good work. Therefore, be the brand to be reckoned with first before the money. Strive to be of value and success will stay in your lane.

Be rare! That is value. ‘Praise, like gold and diamonds, owe its value only to its scarcity’. – Samuel Johnson. You exchange your value with money – So, be valuable so that you can be valued accordingly.

Value matters more not money… Sometimes, money is just a worthless paper currency.